Reinventing the performance
of digital advertising
Triplelift helps publishers and platforms monetize their businesses, through over 1 trillion monthly ad transactions, Our technology is where the world's leading brands find audiences across online video, connected television, display and native ads.

Design Team is involved in collaboration with TripleLift’s Product and Dev team to design CTV Console, a web based application mostly used by Publishers to create PMP Deals and setting up all the necessary inventory to do so.
Results:33% Improved CPCs for Advertisers and 26% Improved CPMs for Publishers
How it began
Triplelift was founded in 2012 by Eric Berry, Ari Lewine, and Shaun Zacharia. Inspired by the major social and search platforms of the time, they created formats and that would result in better ads for the open web.

TripleLift is named for how their innovations have lifted the fortunes of 3 groups: advertisers who require better performance, publishers who seek greater monetization and consumers who want better ad experiences.
We designed several features for CTV Console, including Deals, Inventory Manager, Reporting, Content Signal Controls and Packages. In addition. we designed custom components in order to improve the platform usability and user interaction. We also created and maintained TripleLift’s UI Kit. 

Also, we’re constantly partnering with Product and Dev team in order do improve the application’s usability and from time to time planning and running user testing.
Our role
Design and development of solutions and features from the ground up

Creation of design concepts and prototypes based on the functionality requested by Triplelift clients

Incorporation of new UI elements into the overall design vision of the product

Recommendations for UI/UX improvements and modernization
The work we’ve delivered for Triplelift has been integral to a large-scale modernization of its customer-facing properties. The resulting solutions offer better opportunities in terms of user engagement and retention.

For example, (training time of the appointment booking tool was reduced by 80%.)

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