Smarter cars with the help of Design Studio Team

74% of buyers who had their vehicle serviced at the selling dealership said they would return to the same dealership to purchase their next car. And that is where PLAD TECH app comes — it aspires to deliver the best connected smart car experience on the market.

PLAD TECH offers this simple device that does so much for its customers and their families. Whether it's locating a lost or stolen vehicle, keeping a new driver safe, or finding out why your check engine light is on, their device and easy-to-use app brings you more insight and a lot less worry.

Results: Ensuring stability and improving user experience for drivers and their families, providing safety options for their cars.  


PLAD TECH had an old application that did not provide smooth UX and was built upon the old tech that resulted in a low user retention rate, and high churn rate.

Our goal was to revisit main UX flows, revamp look & feel and upgrade the tech stack to ensure more stable and quick user interactions.

Since the solution is intended to be white labelled, we've ensured the scalability and ease of use for potential resellers.


Strategy Workshops to align on the visual concept and overall UX direction

User Personas and Information Architecture to inform further design decisions

Low-Fidelity prototypes for short feedback loop and quick validation of ideas

High-Fidelity, development-ready screens, and custom animations to kickstart the development

White-label solution documentation to ensure scalability and flexibility of the app


The work we’ve delivered for PLAD TECH has been integral to a large-scale modernization of its customer-facing properties. The resulting solutions offer better opportunities in terms of user engagement and retention.

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